The presence of the Life of Contemplation in the Church which forms the “Heart of the Mystic Body” makes clear to all men and women that God is immensely great! And that it is worthwhile to dedicate our life to Him…

For the love of Love – simply is God and that is enough.

We often have to give an account of our lives hidden away in the Cloister . after a lot of discussion we always say we feel and we live… The truth is that it is very difficult to communicate this to such a fast living, technology filled world, the feeling and depth of this life….

he Contemplative Life is a call to LOVE for LOVE and that’s it.

Saint Teresa of Lisieux said that”In the Heart of my Mother Church I will be the LOVE” It exactly for this that we are dedicated to prayer: we form the Heart of the Church and we are driven to do all the rest of the vocations that the Holy Spirit arouses in the “Mystic Body” It is beautiful! We don’t know, because we don’t see outside, where or who receives the answers to our prayers but we know that nothing is ever lost by our lives – our suffering, our enjoyment, our offerings! God collects everything and continues giving to each one of us what they need – in another way in the Heart of God we store our life’s work in prayer and there it is transformed in to Grace which He gives us when needed?

There is another side to the Life of Contemplation less known – the inside meaning of prayer and intercession which is the ADORATION – the Holocaust! It seems a very dramatic dream said like that without more explanation but perhaps this is the highest exaltation you can achieve, the Divine Relationship, the Praise…. To Adore!!! And what does this consist of? It consists above all in singing, praising, proclaiming his Glory… To Adore!!! What incredible sounds and echos this provokes – this Word is a soul truly in love with our God of Love…!